Compass is set within a lush, sensual, ephemeral world traveling in time from yesteryear to today.  A cinematic portrayal of cross-cultural movements of people and goods, conveyed within the context of the historical global trade in cloth and textiles, and focusing on the formation of hybrid identities and communities. 

Duration: 4:04. 

Intergenerational dissonance highlights communication gaps, challenge to authority, and agency between father and son.

Duration: 1:46

A video portrait of immigrant Portuguese brothers working in their basement upholstery workshop. They value a traditional, old world, nearly obsolete craft of repairing and making chairs and sofas, standing firmly in contrast to the contemporary, consumer-based, throwaway culture.

Duration 4:26.

Let Me In
A short video about barriers to belonging. Part of the series of works on migration.
Duration: 1:02.

This is a video portrait of a woman reflecting on war and rationing when she was living in India. Part of a series of works on Migration.

Duration: 2.33.

Thoughts of the impermanency of life and nature and passage of time were provoked by the passing of a close friend.  

Duration: 4:28.

Are migrants really coming to a safer, friendlier place?  Is it worth the perilous journey? Border allows for reflection about movement, hopes, and barriers to beginning anew.

Duration: 2:36.

This video was motivated by the journey and plight of tens of thousands of migrant children fleeing over the southern border of the United States. 

Duration: 1:29.

We Lost a Grave
A search for a family patriarch’s missing grave leads five men into a forest where their different belief systems, memory, and intergenerational communication are focused on a single goal.

Duration 5:08.