A Place To Lay My Head

A performance inspired by a Tom Waits song, Anywhere I lay my head.   The last two lines of the song are:

…Because I learned to be alone
and anywhere
I lay my head boys,
I will call my home.

We set up home and then are torn from it. A lifetime passes while getting settled. Anywhere we go, we are accompanied by the home that is embedded deep within. This work is about transnational movement, migration, and temporary dislocations. 

Lost Words
Video documentation of an expanded cinema performance. Speaks to gender roles, dreams, and stereotype, and the anxiety of lost culture and language due to migration.

Duration: 0:58.

This is documentation of a video performance. I am in a net which traps me. While I hum a song from my Indian childhood, I write its lyrics in Hindi in charcoal. At the end of the performance, I physically roll on the writing; it leaves a mark on my body and on the paper. 

Duration: 5:47. 

A Kiss For Luck
Video documentation of an interactive performance. Hundred of coins from countries all over the world lie in piles around the floor. Each has had a different journey. They lie in neighborhoods of strangeness, with sameness yet difference. Participants examine the origin of the coins, then throw them across the expanse one by one. Wherever one lands, greasy wax marks the paper. Coins spin, chink, and flop like wishes in a fountain, lying still and unnoticed till someone picks them up.

Duration: 0:07.

An interactive performance in which participants mend sculptural bodies made of cloth. They speak of traumatic events in their lives while they sew together to "make them whole."