First Flight
An interactive sculptural installation of transparent paper tricycles hanging from the ceiling, Visitors interacted with the piece by walking amongst them while recording their first tricycle memories.  These reflections formed the soundtrack to this work. 

Duration 4:35 excerpt of a 30-minute audio.

This is a video documentation of an excerpt of my video essay Brothers at Work,  projected on a wooden 19th-century loom.  The woven paisley fabric design, Indian in origin, appropriated when brought to Europe during the 15th and 16th centuries, is symbolic of global trade and its role in cultivating new industries and forms of labor. Wooden loom, vellum, video projection.  

Duration 1:49.

Documentation of a sculpture and sound installation. Intergenerational South Asian women, living in Canada, England, India, and USA share their views about protection and physical safety from violence. They respond to the extreme violence South Asian women face in India, and the lack of responsibility in the culture that condones it. Some reference a Youtube video where is woman is protected by men of different religions. This sound and sculpture work was partially installed at the South Asian Institute at Harvard University. 

Duration: 2 tracks - 4:08 and 3:31.

What remains 
The objects and images that remain from a lifetime of migration and movement . This installation includes a video projected into an open old suitcase which is filled with objects from a past life and a home left behind. Part of a series of works on migration.